Moment: (n) A brief, exact point in time. 

This is a time for congratulations. This is your day. This is your dream. It’s here, or you wouldn’t be reading this at all. You’ve got just one of these; just one walk down the aisle; just one proposal on bended knee; just one “I do.” Just one moment. And aren’t those “ones” just the best things in the world?

We know, we know - “Thinking about big stuff like that can really stress somebody out.” Don’t let it. Let us do that. It’s our job to handle the stress. It’s your job to live your dream to the fullest. Sit down with us and let’s map it out. We’ll take it one step at a time. We’ll plot a course bit by bit. We’ll have fun. And on that day, when it finally arrives and all the planning is done, there will be nothing on your plate but wedding cake. And whether it’s holding your hand from the proposal to the honeymoon, or simply lending you the pieces you’re missing to complete your vision, we, at Something Borrowed, tend to the things you shouldn’t have to. That’s our dream.

Something Borrowed

Getting Caught Up in Your Moment

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